Alphamine/Coconut Oil

  1. Alphamine/Coconut Oil

    I've become a huge fan of coconut oil in my coffee first thing in the AM. It seems to be the rave for energy and fatloss recently, wether Coconut, MCT, or Butter in the Bulletproof Coffee.

    Would there be any conflict with adding coconut oil to Alphamine? I know that the SA2 is rendered inactive in the presence of insulin, but that shouldn't be a problem with the oil; right?

    Anyone see a benefit to this?

  2. Im gonna try that combo for my coffee starting tomorrow and see hwo it goes. Thx

  3. the problem I see is the oil will coagulate in the alphamine as its not hot like coffee.

  4. I probably wouldn't.
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  5. Condemn: I do 1tbl EVCO and 10g vanilla isolate in my coffee as prescribed by Keifer in his CBL book.

    Ripper: Thought about this but most of the time my coconut oil is in liquid form at room temperature already, and that alphamine doesn't sit around long.

    Bolt10: Why not? Fruit punch coconut sounds good.

  6. Give it a shot and let us know
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  7. No plans on cutting till the spring, and this has just be weighing on my mind as I plan for the future. Maybe I'll update this thread then.

    By not saying against it, do you believe there shouldn't be any interaction issues?

  8. Bump for this. About to pick up some alphamine for my recomp.

    Anyone have an opinion on alphamine+MCT or CO?

  9. personally I like the CO in my coffee.. also it could be said, that stims work best on an empty stomach maybe adding the oil will make the fatburner less effective.

  10. there will be some insulin release, don't combine
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