Dosing Help for ECA/AT2/Forskolin 95%

  1. Dosing Help for ECA/AT2/Forskolin 95%

    Currently starting a cut. Please help with dosing:

    8AM - 24mg E, 200mg Caffeine, 81mg aspring, 1 cap of AT2, 25mg of Forskolin (SS forskolin 95%)

    12:45 PM(pre-lunch) - 24mg E, 200mg Caffeine, 25mg of forskolin

    7:30 PM (pre-workout) 2 caps AT2, 25mg of forskolin

    Total of 3 caps of AT2 and 75mgs of forskolin, plus two EC doses a day (just the morning one has aspirin). I've run the EC stack numerous times before, just not sure how to incorporate the AT2 and forskolin. Also, any other suggestions to add in?

    Thanks in advance guys!

  2. I would go E + caff + t2 and skip the nighttime dose. try with a half dose of E to start or without it to get tolerance to T2 down. T2 was strong to me at first, much more potent than the usual 2.5-5 mg doses of yohimbe that I normally run in an ECY stack.

  3. Set up looks good to me.
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