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    Hello everyone, I would like to take this time to write this review on why the preworkout Noxipro is such an awesome preworkout to take. First off CTDLABS has two different forms of Noxipro. The review I'm writing about is in regards to the older version which contains DMAA (geranium). The Chrome edition is DMAA free. Yet, the ingredient formula in Chrome is more associated for "deeper pumps" I'll post an update in the near future. CTDLABS Noxipro is formulated with premium grade ingredients, Noxipro gave me a very clean and efficient energy boost & best of all no jitters. The focus from this is product is beyond Excellent! I had a bi-and tri workout earlier in the day & let me tell you the tunnel vision you get from this preworkout doesn't compare to any others. This stuff had me going like I was Superman! I've tried them all Craze, 1MR, Jack3d etc. First off I received a huge considerable boost in strength and power. I started my warm up's with 35 lbs dumb-bells & before I knew it I was curling 65 lbs, this is much due to the beta-alanine in Noxipro onset muscular fatigue in which I was able to lift in the gym for 1hr and 30 min. I usually only lift for about 45 min max. The ingredients contained in Noxipro is all about building muscle & giving you a longer pump. Not the kind of pump where you leave from the gym & it only last for 30 minutes. My forearms literally felt like granite "solid as a rock! You may ask me why choose Noxipro? Well, the main reason why you'd want to go with this pre-workout is the fact of the ingredients contained in Noxipro. For the simple fact that it's a highly effective pre-workout supplement without any fancy and unnecessary ingredients. Simple ingredients in the product to guarantee muscular strength, power, and lean muscle mass & to get you over that intense workout you. P.S- It comes in an assortment of different flavors I had the bubblegum which taste like double bubble bubble gum (yummy yum yum), on a side note no stomach issues either & mixability of the product dissolves easily with no clumps.

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  2. Definitely have to agree with you on the original formula John-really good stuff. Was my go to before I discovered Prodigy which is my current fave. Would love to try the bubblegum flavor. Is the original version in this flavor still available anywhere? Do you have a secret stash by chance?

  3. Hello Sdunlimited, Yes, the original flavor and formula is out & is available. You, may want to try Nutraplanet or try the main site at ctdlabs.com I've heard of PNI Prodigy never got the chance to try it out though. But, I will contest and say the effects are even better if you stack with either Ctdlabs Noopept or Adralin to increase & intensify the focus. Have you ever taken Ctdlabs Noxivol? A new formula was just released it's a powder formula now which packs a stronger kick then the first formula which was in tablets. Noxivol will increase your blood flow, giving you a better pronounced pump as well as decrease muscle fatigue, joint and cartilage recovery as well as lean muscle mass gain.
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  4. P.S- If you order from Nutraplanet this is a coupon code you can use sdunlimited CTDNP5 it will give you 5% off any Ctdlabs product you order bud.
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