Erase Cissus and Cortisol

  1. Erase Cissus and Cortisol

    I am planning a run with Erase. Reading through this forum I think there is a good chance the Erase will lower cortisol.
    I will also be taking a cissus product (5%) for joints. Actually taking this already and want to continue it.

    Several places speak about cissus lowering cortisol. Yet, many people tout cissus as being a great product to control joint pain
    when on an estrogen lowering product.

    Is there a danger of cissus and Erase lowering cortisol too much? That is if taken together for 8 weeks?

  2. No....
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  3. Cissus doesn't have much effects on cortisol control if any, most of the people here runs ABE & EP which them both have in Cortisol control and it's all good.
    wait for others to responde though ...

  4. You'll be fine taking both together.
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  5. I take both together now, you'll be fine

  6. Thank you all. Both products are new to me. The cissus helps the old man bones and just wanted a little info before going to the estrogen help.

    thanks....... pushing on.

  7. Noo, you'll be fine taking them together


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