DHEA Dosage

  1. DHEA Dosage

    Wondering with a topical for someone in their early 40s, what is an ideal daily dosage of DHEA? The product I have is one pump = 30mg.

  2. take as much as you want.. a lot of guys will take upto 150mgs per day and some will stay at 50. there have been studies using ultra high doses so you wont kill your self at a few pumps a day.

  3. Benefits of a higher dose? Does it need to be cycled every 45 days or so and take a week off from it?

  4. some of the earlier studies showed a signifigant fatloss at high doses but its been figured out since then that it was due to a metabolite of dhea and not the dhea itself.. at your age if your taking less than 150 you could probably run it all th etime but its imo a good idea to take a break.. so a good recommendation would be 8 weeks on 4 weeks off. basically I would slowly ramp up your dose to were you feel best. over the course of the week just start with the labels dose.
    if that's good add a pump the next day and so on. for old guys you should notice a sense of well being and possibly a little less "old"

  5. Here's a good article on dosing at 100mg per day.

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  6. Difference between effectiveness of caps to topical?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by fatburner2007 View Post
    Difference between effectiveness of caps to topical?
    Transdermal is the preferred method of administration.


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