Looking for the best thermogenic/lean muscle preserver!

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  1. Formutech's Level II will be hitting the shelves within the next few weeks. I was given the opportunity to sample, and IMHO, I found it to be a great thermogenic powder.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    xhrr is one of the few free thinkers here, don't let his post count fool you . Plus, Reduce XT + X-gels has recomp written all over it!
    Thank you and those were the products I was referring to as much better suggestions for the OP situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Recompadrol doesn't get nearly enough love outside of this forum. And if EBF followed my capsaicin advice, they'd be doing work in the non-stim category too
    I will have to try these out in the very near future. The heartburn from AAv2 is a little bit of a turn off but I have coconut oil I could dose along side it.

    Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    Thank you. I'm sure some members can vouch for there effectiveness.

    I'm pretty sure I brought back the pipularity of hca in products
    Like I said above they are on my radar to try in the near future. Any products in the pipeline? I would love to see a cnidium product since I know you are a big proponent.


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