When should i take this stack

  1. When should i take this stack

    I took a break from my traditional 5 day split, to train for The Head of The Charles (rowing/crew) regatta. My current routine is completely different than the 5 day bodybuilding routine I was following.

    My current training is as followed
    Monday/Saturday off
    -20min erg breaking 5k mark < 1:59/500m split
    Wednesday/Friday (35-45% of max)
    - clean/bench pulls 80reps 3 times
    - squats 80reps 3 times
    - back extensions/sit ups 50 reps 3 times
    - 2hrs row

    During this routine I'm taking
    (Cardiovascular support)
    -fish oil
    -Hawthorne berry
    (General health support)
    -joint support
    (Performance support)

    The question is should I run
    While training for this regatta or would I get more out of it when I get back into weightlifting only?
    Also should I add some form of DAA to this stack? D-pol, test-powder, or just DAA....

    Note that I have lost 7 lbs sense starting to follow this new routine 2 weeks ago. Now I'm holding steady at 165.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. personally id wait til you return to weight lifting to add that type of stack. right now your endurance training. you could deffinately add something like compete from iforce to help with your prolonged training sessions. also potassium nitrates will certainly help with endurance too.
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  3. You could add in those products if you want. I would still dose based on the typical recommendations on the bottle (1 EP a day, 2 ABE pre/post training, etc).

    One of the ingredients in Erase Pro actually has shown benefits in endurance (IIRC) and if you choose to throw in some DAA I would suggest D-pol for the nitrate content that would be beneficial for your type of training.

    Are you hoping to maintain weight for this event?
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  4. The idea was to maintain weight but bc I didn't adjust my macros/calorie intake I can see how I have dropped the weight. If I maintain at 165 till the event (oct 19) I will be happy. I don't want to lose any more weight sense every pound of muscle I have worked for has cost me a great deal of sacrifice and effort in the gym and with my diet. I guess I'll just wait to put this stack to work I just wasn't sure when I was gonna get the most out of this stack.

  5. I will look into compete from iforce. I just don't want to take anything that will raise my overall HR while doing the same amount of work bc it's just a killer workout more when my average HR is 178 BPM and when I peak at 198 BPM my body is on fire.



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