Could Toco8 Or Tocosorb cause an increase in body hair?

  1. Could Toco8 Or Tocosorb cause an increase in body hair?


    I am taking Jarrows Tocosorb for my hair. I wondered if it could cause an increase in body hair though. I have been taking for 3 weeks and think maybe my body hair is a little more but im not sure. If this is the case would the effect eventually "max out" or would my body hair just keep getting more and more?

    LOL....I dont want body hair. It has only been 3 weeks but I think my hair shedding is down. Just wanted to know if anyone has helped their hairloss with this and also the effects on body hair. Thanks


  2. I remember one of the uses for Toco-8 was for hair growth, though it wasn't specifically for head hair, and often body hair fuller/thicker at the same time…so…maybe?

  3. I thought it was used for hair growth on the head. I dont want any body hair. Has it worked for anyone for thickening hair on head and stopping MPB?

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