-GENOMYX- Quick Slin Sane question

  1. -GENOMYX- Quick Slin Sane question

    Have dosed V2 generally before solid meals. However, because of my new work schedule i'll be working out on an "empty stomach." Purchased some Glycofuse from Gaspari. Dosing would go as follows

    Ssv2 upon waking
    20 mins later, glycofuse with my pre workout

    Question is will I have GI issues from not having a solid meal after dosing ssv2. A case of the apple green splatters does not go over we'll when you are trying to dead lift 400+ lbs!
    Search forums for my BFv3, XFA, and Anabeta 8 week stack log

  2. I take it prebed all the time.. and sometimes I cant fall asleep..i havnt noticed too much taking it with 0 food so I think u will be alright.
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