Need advice with epistane cycle

  1. Need advice with epistane cycle

    Currently on day 4 of epi cycle, hovever I have sacriatic joint problem and it seems to have flared up I am getting treatment and taking regular antinflammotrys does anyone have any advice if it is worth getting joint support or just stopping till it is better ?

  2. Wrong forum, you'll have better luck in the anabolic forum. If I had to take a guess it's a estrogen balance problem (Kind of like Erase, epi's estrogen suppressive?), I'd take your fishoil,cissus and otc pain killer or think about changing your dosage or come off if it continues. But you'll get better advise in the other section.

  3. Thanks for the advise will try the other forum

  4. Stop your cycle and do more homework first, but yes, the other forum will be where you want to go. Epistane can be a pain on your joints and you should have already had something for it on hand or already begun. I would stop.
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  5. ibuprofen and blue heat is what i used whenever i had issues.
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