Icariin 60% Amazing For Pullups

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    Icariin 60% Amazing For Pullups

    In one of the replies in another topic one member wrote how awesome stack of icariin and forskolin was for him so I had both bottles of this 2 laying around so said to myself let's try this combined.

    Last week I finished my test bottle of Mass Pro Synthagen and since I have a gap of 3-4 weeks until I get my order of Tranquilogen and Adaptogen N, I said to myself let's empty my opened bottle of icariin and forskolin.

    Last week I also started with Armstrong pullup program (now standard in US Marines) and this week being my 2nd week of doing this program (5 days doing different sets of pullups then 2 days rest), my pullups are increasing nicely so something is working.

    Today I finished my day 4 of 2nd week of this pullup program and my today's daily total is up over 50% but to be fair 1st week is always the hardest.

    I'm mainly taking 2x 600mg of Icariin 60% by WorldABS all 5 days of doing pullups and on day 1,3 and 5 I take 25mg of Forskolin 95% after lunch (so around 1h after pullups are done for that day).

    Since I took Forskolin 95% already before alone and my stomach doesn't like it too much this is why now I'm going EOD and I wouldn't give it the praise of doing most of the work in improving my pullup totals.

    I tried different dosages of Icariin 60% and I do feel big difference when taking 600mg of Icariin 60% at close as 10-20min before exercise.

    So now I take 600mg upon waking up then in next 15min I do 3 sets of pushups then 3-4h later I take another 600mg dose before going for a walk/light run and doing daily pullup exercise.

    This has today gave me the endurance to increase my pullup total above my expectations.

    Other than endurance, I feel almost no other effects - no side effects, no increased blood pressure, maybe a bit better mood but I'd say this is due to exercising now 5x a week instead of 2x/week in the past.

    Maybe this could be due to icariin having half time of around 1h so not having all day effect despite studies saying icariin accumulates effect over few weeks.

    Haven't noticed much effect on libido, erection or aggression - main effect endurance during exercise which is what's reported by many others to use it mainly to increase athletic performance (also great for running).

    Looking forward how my daily pullup totals will be next week cause I don't expect another 50% rise in daily pullups (compared same exercise from today).

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    JK... glad to see its working for you
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    I wanted add a response on icariin.. It is some hardcore supplement. Makes me very aggressive. I'm also taking it with hexarelin. Icariin takes over my mind and I gotta work out or I'll have too much energy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach3 View Post
    I wanted add a response on icariin.. It is some hardcore supplement. Makes me very aggressive. I'm also taking it with hexarelin. Icariin takes over my mind and I gotta work out or I'll have too much energy.
    "Too much energy"?! I have to try this!!!

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