I am looking to blend various supplements with the intention of trying to prevent cardio-related issues that run rampant in my family.

My diet is in check, and I work out - so I am looking at supplements to help.

My current focus is increasing NO.

Please provide your comments or suggestions on the following, and please feel free to suggest any alternatives or dosage recommendations:


Citrulline Malate

Anything else?

Oh, and as to AAKG - my experience with base Arginine on an empty stomach has been rather .... explosive. My intestines do not seem to tolerate Arginine on an empty stomach. I've read that AAKG can be a bit easier, and I've also been told that I can use a small amount of baking soda - to help minimize the emergent bathroom issues (this seemed to work for me with DAA). Anything you might be able to suggest as to how to minimize intestinal issues would be greatly appreciated.

Also - what are your thoughts on adding an appropriate amount of Potassium nitrate?