Ok well big thanks to Ax for sending me a sample of the new and improved flavor of supersize. I been on a cut but made sure I carbed up my breakfast meal as to get the best feel for this product and what type of pump it delivers.
I'll start with the mixing- added about 8 oz of water to what looks like 1 scoop. Mixed well and fairly quick. The taste was to my best guess an orange creamsicle flavor. It was ok not the best tasting pre I've had. Kinda makes me wonder what the old one tasted like. Overall taste was ok I give it 6/10. Now as far as the effectiveness of the product I really liked it. Energy was decent with no crash, pretty smooth. I would have personally liked to add another1/2-1 servings bc I have a high tolerance for stims. The pump was awesome! Hit shoulders and bis together and this product had me looking vascular and pumped and I also felt strong. My rating on the profile/effectiveness of this product is an 8/10. I would say that I would buy this if the price was right and give it an overall rating of 7.5/10 bc to me the effectiveness takes precedence over taste. Big thanks again to Ax for letting me give this a go.... Solid product