Finaflex 1-andro.. help me

  1. This forum is for supplements, not prohormones which go in the anabolics forum.
    19 is far too young to be running any sort of pro-hormone, mild or otherwise. Your body is still developing and the addition of an anabolic substance could potentially cause irreversible harm to your natural testosterone production, which can lead to depression and fatigue for the rest of your life.

    Instead of pro-hormones, have a look at something like Anabeta, ARA (X-Gels) or Versa-1, all effective natural products which won't cause permanent damage to you body.

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    what do you think about daa+erase? And do you mean anabeta or anabeta elite?
    How about your train harder and eat better and get your rest and watch doing shots when you drink occasionally and I think you would be very surprised at your results.

  3. daa and erase is a good combo, but i'd run them individually before running them together to get a better idea of how each affects you personally. the erase is technically a hormone modulator, so if you don't already have it, then maybe hold off on it and try something else first.
    For the same reasons, I would recommend trying the original anabeta before trying Anabeta Elite which is essentially the original version with extra ingredients. With the OG Anabeta, I noticed great muscles fullness, increased hunger, and a solid increase in weight. I also noticed nutrient partitioning properties, as it kept the fat at bay despite the fact that my diet was very dirty at the time.

  4. Man, just train without the PH cycles. Better for and if you plan on competing in sports and you're nowhere near your peak yet. Just bust ass and stick to the herbals lol

    Daxter has given good advice on this one
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    allright thanks.. but is erase a problem?
    Should be ok to use as it will help more with cortisol control than test boosting at your age. Guessing some leaning out and hardening is something everyone can use and a Joint supp would help as well. (Dry joints), Im no expert either just my 2cents
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  6. Agree with the other guys. 19 is too young man - keep in natural and stick to the will be happy in the long run!

  7. I would tend to agree with these guys. A stack with Max Pump, Ignite2 and BCAA+SAA would be a great stack to pack on some Lean muscle.
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