DECIMATE...funny taste and slight burning sensation

  1. DECIMATE...funny taste and slight burning sensation

    i get a slight burning sensation in my throat after taking 1 scoop of deimate, also has a chemical taste/smell.....the flavor is lemon berry, anyone else experience this?

  2. Tis piperine

  3. Yep, the large dose of piperine makes it pretty spicy. Adding more water helps.

  4. 1 scoop/25 minutes HIIT = new favorite stim powder....stuff is fantastic

  5. Yuck. I ran into that with powdered APE. Never again will I take a powdered supplement with Piperine.
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    Honestly tastes horrible. I double the water and add Mio. even the smell of it just from opening the tub is brutal, made my fiancÚ leave the kitchen.

    If it works though that us the whole point. Any other users around here that can comment on effectiveness or compare to other burners?
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  7. The smell is so strong my nose was burning.....

  8. I like the dicaffeine malate, nice energy from that. The PEA and paeonol combo doesn't work for me, paeonol isn't an effective MAO-A/B inhibitor so that's not too surprising. The salvia, GCBE, and piperine combo looks like it'd be great, helps sensitive to insulin, helps you enter AMPK, and decreases fat storage. I'm only halfway through my tub, but I like it enough to consider repurchase, if only for the salvia.

  9. I enjoy it at 1/2 scoop twice daily or before cardio


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