1. 11-andro

    Results? Experiences?

    brawn 11-andro

  2. Same as 11 oxo. It's basically a cortisol blocker. You won't gain much mass but it may help to lean you a bit. It's also not very bioavailable you might what to go topical.

  3. I am looking at the Brawn 11 andro also. Toff, did you use it. I like the Brawn products from what I can tell. I am thinking of stacking the 11-Andro with Triumphalis and ATD. Let me know. Thanks

  4. nah I didnt see much point - it was just on sale, thought Id check it out.

    Protodrol in Jan, but doing a T-X3 (DAA/erase) cycle to boost me up as im a bit low naturally atm

  5. Ok. Thanks.

    For a booster, I've mean using Myodyne's Ergopure. And it has Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione, which is the main ingredient in Erase. Plus herbs that boost your natural T. Man, it's been working great for me. Just an Fyi. I am going to try the Brawn 11 oxo maybe stacked with something else.



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