Lately on my down time I have been trying to find something new I have not used for a future cut. I diet very well, eating every 2-3 hours. I get 90% of my macros from actual food. i just did a transformation challenge and cut my calories gradually from maintenance to 1300. I'm back to roughly 2500 taking a break due to an injury. I was just looking up a few things to supplement with and Salvia Miltiorrhiza came up.

listed below is a conclussion to a study (done on rats...which is why i'm wondering about this product) that it aids in lowering cholesterol and from what I read elsewhere it does so by blocking dgat

Hypolipidemic activity and mechanism of purified herbal extract of Salvia miltiorrhiza in hyperlipidemic rats

so one question is has anyone used it, solo, and seen weight loss results? most logs I've read are from products containing salvia, mixed with other weight loss supplements.

now listed below was the conclussion of a study that suggested that Salvia Miltiorrhiza will cause mitochondrial membrane potential loss.

Role of intracellular thiol depletion, mitochondria... [Life Sci. 2001] - PubMed - NCBI

the maintenance of mitochondrial membrane potential is essential for ATP synthesis. However the conclusion also stated by taking nac beforehand protects from mmp loss.

so my questions
Anyone take Salvia Miltiorrhiza solo and notice weight loss benefits?
Did you feel "weaker" while lifting when on it?
Would Salvia Miltiorrhiza effect all the ATP energy pathways? ATP/CP, Glycolytic, Oxidative?