Weird effects, possibly from Dermacrine.

  1. Weird effects, possibly from Dermacrine.

    I'm honestly a little freaked out and and I'm only implying these effects are coming from the Dermacrine because I didn't notice them until I started using it. I started on Thursday 15 and I noticed the effects on Saturday 17, I since then stopped using it. I'm 21 and I wake up feeling tired and drunk, no matter how much sleep I get I have this foggy groggy feeling. I've also been getting a little bit of anxiety and nervousness. My morning wood is not anywhere where it used to be 2 weeks ago. My boners are weaker and its just harder to get it up, like I feel disconnected or something. I just feel down in general and its very weird. If someone has any idea what's going on or has any input on the matter I would appreciate it greatly, thanks.

  2. DHEA can convert to a lot of different hormones. It's hard to know what is going on. I have used Dermacrine in the past with little or no side effects but I'm an older BB and my DHEA levels are already pretty low.

  3. Thanks for the input. Yeah I just really hope it is the DHEA doing something funky. It just happened so suddenly and its gotten me on edge now.

  4. I'd guess high DHEA levels that are converting to high levels of estradiol. Excess DHEA can cause anxiety in some(makes me angry) as can estradiol. The sexual problems seem to indicate high E.

    Dermacrine is kinda for us old fogies.

  5. I'm surprise your using this product at your age. It's usually for older more experienced people. I think you should consider a different product since this one is giving you problems. Have you considered anything else?

  6. Nah, I was actually excited to try it since I heard so many great things. Never messing with that stuff again. I'm just hoping the effects subside soon.


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