tongkat ali

  1. tongkat ali

    i got some i believe are good tongkat ali capsules, at 300mg each totalling 1,200mg per day
    for whos tried it. how much and how long were you taking tongkat ali?

    woukd it be beneficial to take days off? like 5 days on 2 days off, repeat

  2. I do 5 on 2 off myself. Is what you have 50:1, 100:1, 200:1? That makes a big difference when dosing.

  3. 1:200 is what i got
    i just started a couple days ago
    still deciding on 5om2off or 6on1off

  4. So at the dosage you are suggesting you would be taking about 240g of raw per day if my calculations are correct.

  5. What brand are you taking?

  6. Don't know if you are asking me or OP...I use the 200:1 from Barlowe's Herbals since it's on the "legit" list of suppliers for the best Tongkat.

  7. It seems to make a slight difference, but nothing worth writing home about from my experiences. It does seem to add a little bit more of a kick when added to DAA.
    *Antaeus Lab Rep*

  8. Heard it's good to do once a week and mix it up, but I'm no expert.


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