Are X-gels for me?

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    Thanks for that Tyler I'll look into that supp, always looking for the edge to assist recovery and gains, especially when working so hard. Got a fight coming up in December so will be maxing it on the good eating and supplementation for next few months!
    Anytime dude! For recovery, some basics are BCAAs and creatine (creatine doesn't do much for me, but for most it is cheap, safe, and effective). I do weights, cardio, and BJJ all in one stint, so I can get pretty sore and banged up sometimes. BCAAs made a noticeable difference in DOMS and recovery.

    One thing you could also look into for endurance is a cordyceps supplement. I haven't tried any of them yet, but they get really good reviews as endurance supps. Here is one example You can find it in bulk for good prices, too. For fight training, it could make a huge difference.


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    I am just finishing my 50 day run of 2 grams 5 times per week X-Gels. I didn't use cissus or fish oil and had no joint issues. Some do however have issues so they do dose cissus and/or fish oil . If you do, dose 4-6 hours away from ArA. You have XFA which has some omega 3s in it already which is meant to help with the joint problems.

    I hate to say it, but I would go with LCLT, ALCAR, or PLCAR over GPLC any day.
    Haha, I was afraid of that. Is that just because of the price, or would GPLC be less effective to use with ArA (because the price was not an issue this time)? I was hoping any carnitine would do about the same thing for ArA.

    Do people take carnitine and aspirin or only one of the two? Thanks!




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