new member with a question about craze

  1. new member with a question about craze

    I keep hearing the controversy about craze, i have a drug test on monday for a job with the post office, it's a really important opportunity for me, will i be ok?

  2. I have been drug tested at work a few times while using craze & have had no problems.

  3. Let's say that the product does contain the alleged ingredient, I'm not sure if typical drug tests that most people take are actually testing for the ingredient. So your chances are good OP for a problem free test?

    Anybody with better understanding of drug tests care to chime in on the matter?

  4. I would discontinue use a few days prior if you are worried. Simple as that.

  5. Thanks guys, sounds like I should be ok.
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  6. As long as you didnt take it yesterday, even if it did contain an amphetamine that woulf be caught on your drug test, you would likely pass as detection time is around 3 days for almost every amphetamine analog

    Also keep in mind that sports drug testing is often more rigorous with higher detection limits than employment testing.

    You *should* be fine drug test wise, but this isnt legal advice.
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