Best supp for aggression/libido

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    There's also a dermal cream of prostaglandin E1 waiting to get approved for selling in Canada called Vitaros that work by applying on your dick and 5min later it's hard and stay hard for 1h or longer.

    But weird it got approval already last year and still not hit the markets despite having all the papers.

    Might have to do with Abbott buying the license and don't want to put it on the market not to hurt sells of PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra hmm.

    Something similar as oil running cars companies buying license for cars that would run on water then don't want to put new technology on the market that would hurt their profits from old technology.
    Did it pass all phases of clinical trials? Direct administration of PGE1 sounds a bit risque
    The above is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of PES

  2. Anabeta is the only thing I have ever taken that increased aggression to a large degree, especially at 6 caps per day. The energy boost that I got from it was outstanding as well. I can't take it more than 8 hours before sleep or I absolutely cannot get a good night's sleep (even when using estazolam). That's how serious the energy boost is. When dosing at 6 caps per day, I don't even feel the need for a PWO at all. Anabeta together with Pslin and 100g of carbs in a PWO meal (about 3 hours PWO) gave me the best pumps and most aggressive feelings I have ever had in the gym. It also enhanced my mood in general, as I felt just great all day when I was dosing (again, 6 caps/day was excellent for this). Oddly, though, Anabeta lowers my libido to an extent, and lowers overall volume to a huge extent. I have no idea why I get those effects and haven't heard of them in other people.

    As for libido, the only thing that has ever had a noticeable effect for me is fenugreek. The regular NOW Foods brand does the trick. I am currently running Athletix Titanium XL (along with Division 1 and Anabeta). It also raised libido a lot, but I have not noticed any other effect (on muscle building, fat loss, or energy), except that I have been putting on more fat than I usually do with Anabeta. I would be very hesitant to blame the Titanium or Division 1 for this, though, as I haven't heard of anyone else getting fat gains from any of Athletix's products. Due to the price though, I would say regular Fenugreek extract (at 4 bucks a month...8 if you want a high dose) makes more sense for me than Titanium's Testofen (at about 30 per month). I have also found Fenugreek seeds both powdered and whole in bulk for next to nothing. Lots of people love Testofen products for other benefits that I have not gotten, though.


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    I wish primordial was still around. Nothing best sustain alpha TD when it came to libido.
    Got two bottles still just waiting to use after next cycle

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Did it pass all phases of clinical trials? Direct administration of PGE1 sounds a bit risque
    Well if they got permission to sell it in Canada then they should have all these trials done.

    Trimix gel is mix of prostaglandin E1, papaverin and phentolamine and applied in urethra - so just applying Vitaros on your dick would be much more pleasant way of application with ingredient that's already on the market and your own body makes.

    Just found news published on Nasdaq yesterday.

    Vitaros® has been approved for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction ("ED") by the European Health Authorities and by Health Canada.


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