erase question

  1. erase question

    I'm having trouble finding out how long erase stays in your system, using original version

  2. @mr.cooper69 should be able to answer this for you.
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  3. I think I recall it being mentioned that it could take a week or so for your E2 levels to get back to normal.

  4. From another place:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Cooper69 View Post
    Erase binds to aromatase and permanently deactivates it. Now, your body is continually making new aromatase, so this effect isn't permanent. Rather, it takes a little longer to kick in but also lasts longer because even when your cycle is done, it will take a few weeks for your body to get active aromatase levels back to where they were before.
    If you want a more exact time, I am unsure, maybe Coop will come to the rescue.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    From another place:

    If you want a more exact time, I am unsure, maybe Coop will come to the rescue.
    Ah, good reply!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kissdadookie View Post
    Ah, good reply!
    A good reply I thought from so too kissing thedookie
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  7. If you have concerns about a steroid test, I used OG Erase up until a week before the test a passed.

  8. ~12 hours from what I've researched previously.

    In to learn from Cooper.

  9. Actually, closer to 24hr I believe.

  10. It will actually be closer to several weeks after your last dose. Erase is a suicidal AI, not a competitive one, so it's half-life is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it will take several weeks for aromatase turnover to take you back to normal levels of the enzyme...and hence, normal estrogen levels.

  11. To go off of Coop, a large majority of hormones, when supplemented, do not have an immediate rebound. That is why a lot of medication is gradually decreased. Correct me if Im wrong cyrus.


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