One world whey....

  1. One world whey.... little brother who is a bigger version of me introduced me to a product called ONE WORLD WHEY.

    He told me that he would take it after 8 hours of work.Its pretty much construction work and he is always taking advantage of work since he considers it getting paid to work!

    He'll come home worn out and sore.He says he takes it a few hours before he crashes out and the next day he feels a full recovery.

    I haven't tried it yet but I plan on purchasing this sometime in the future.

    Whey Protein Misleading Deception & Truth You Need To Know About - YouTube

  2. uh, pretty sure any protein supp will do the same thing

    I mean, of course, unless it is super ultra-cross-cold filtered highly anabolic whey protein isolate...........
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