Creatine monohydrate vs a blend of Creatines

  1. Creatine monohydrate vs a blend of Creatines

    ...for starters I just got back from a job interview for a company I will not disclose here. What really puzzled me when I stated that creatine will help in building lean body mass despite the water weight it will add.Then I stated that one can experience significant effects taking a blend of creatines.As in you have to work your a$$ off in the gym while taking!

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    The interviewee simply stated "that's not true." nods his head."creatine just gives you more energy." Last that I remember creatine gives me more pump than energy. Like I can feel my veins and muscles develop a density along with a little pump. Energy wise? I can see what he's talking about but to me it felt more like an endurance perk.Like an addition to a few more reps or keeping the same intensity even near the end of my work out where I usually start burning out.

    I wanted to state my opinion but the way he answered I just kept my mouth shut. I figure it be a waste since he's the one doing the hiring and seeking out some one he could mold into the ideal employee he is looking for. Which he obviously acknowledged when I stated I never worked for a supplement store before.

    Either way if I do get the job or not, I'm good. I'm just curious to know more about the nutritional stores...other than GNC. I'd actually like to work in one of those stores but even a damn dead beat ex-steroid user can get a job at GNC. One of my friends who I work with has a brother who is a part timer at a GNC and I can tell right away that his brother is just a bull**** artist. I find it ridiculous really when one has to look OFFICIAL to get the job.Even then I find it more ridiculous when some one gets hired and they don't look like they work out at!

    Oh well enough of my rant....

    So who here knows anything about creatine?

  2. He's right, creatine is more of a strength product than a pump product

  3. We're you taking a pre-workout or anything else while taking creatine? That would be where the veins and muscle being pumped up would come from. Unless of course you were taking creatine nitrate.
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  4. it was a blend of creatines,so that would of been the possibility.

  5. your blend of creatine may have had creatine nitrate in it back in the day c-bol gave me a pump like no other and that was a blend of a few creatines.

    and i actually work at GNC lol, you dont need to be in shape to work there just like ive seen some personal trainers who also dont look in shape at all to me. but it definitly helps your credibility whether you're selling or training people.



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