EC/AT2/ERASE/DAA Cutting Stack Dosing Questions

  1. EC/AT2/ERASE/DAA Cutting Stack Dosing Questions

    Hey everyone, I have a question about dosages, and I need some inputs based on experience if this is safe and what times would be best effective.

    Dose 1 7:30AM - 25mg E + 200mg C + 1 AT2 + 1 Erase (could I take DAA here as well since I'll be on an empty stomach, or should I wait because of the EC?)

    Workout is around 9 am until 11:30/12PM (I usually take DAA as my pre workout with some Taurine.)

    Dose 2 12:30PM - 12.5mg E + 200mg C + 1 AT2 + 1 Erase

    Dose 3 4:30PM - 12.5mg E+ 200mg C + 1 AT2

    Pre-bed 12AM - 1 Erase

    I work my meals around these times, they are not always the same exact time because of work and stuff but typically the doses are 4-5 hours apart. I just want to know if taking DAA in the morning w/ my first dose would be more effective since I already have my breakfast w/ some carbs by the time I take it as my pre workout. Does this diminish the effects? Thanks! Also, any inputs on changing dosage amounts/timings would be great, and if it matters, stims don't effect me much anymore.

  2. I cant comment on the AT2 I have not ran it and am not 100% certain what is in it.
    But DAA and ECA can be taken together I have ran Erase, DAA and ECA together with some good results. I am unsure how AT2 will act I think it has a beta-2 antagonist in it if i remember correctly is that why you are thinking of running ephedrine @ 12.5 mg per dosing?
    I have ran (3,3 Diiodo L Thyronine) + (3,5 Diiodo L Thyronine) plus ECA and Epistane in the past but do not think I would toss any thyroid hormones with out an actual androgen though to be honest.

    Also no DAA and ECA will not be a problem if taken at the same time.
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