Cutting stack cyle opinions needed please

  1. Cutting stack cyle opinions needed please

    Here is my cutting cycle i plan on doing. Just wanted it to get double checked before starting.

    for two weeks:
    40pro/40carb/20fat diet
    2 vasopro ED
    1 baby aspirin ED
    2 caffeine servings ED (2 cups of black coffee; is this sufficient? or do i need a capsule/pill?)

    then next two weeks:
    40pro/40fat/20fat (to work better with yohimbine)
    2 san tight ED (for caffeine and yohimbine)
    1 baby aspirin ED? (does aspirin help yohimbine? or just ephedrine?)


    i have my diet and exercise routines down, i just want help with the supplement facets. thanks in advance.

    is this alternation of yohimbine and ephedrine the best? i think it allows me to use both longer, without my body adjusting to them plus it allows them to not fight with eachother as i have read they do.

    thanks alot in advance! the people at's forum didnt help at all! i know you guys know your **** better here, its where i ask about methyl1test and other more serious ****.

  2. bumpage

  3. Ephedra works better the longer you use it. Just cause you don't feel stimulated after a while doesn't mean it ain't working. I wouldn't alternate them, I'd stick to ECA

  4. I assume in the second part you meant 40 protein 40 fat 20 carb...
    you wrote fat twice. I haven't heard that yohimbe fights ephedra, id run them together with caffeine and aspriin. If you don't want to run them together I've heard yohimbe is great for lowering bodyfat once you are below 11% bodyfat. So maybe take ephedra in the early stages and once youve already gotten somewhat defined use the yohimbe to get een more shredded later on.

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