Animal Supplement Question!!

  1. Animal Supplement Question!!

    Hey guys quick question. I am taking animal pak the vitamin and also animal test the natural test booster. I normally take pak in the morning with breakfast and then go workout an hour later. Animal test says to take it with your last meal before training. I know I would be fine taking them together but would my body absorb all of those pills? Thanks

  2. Why not take the Animal Pak with your post workout meal and take the Animal Test with breakfast before
    you go to the gym like you've been doing.

  3. Yeah that's true I'll do that, thanks totalpackage!

  4. I really makes no difference.....
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  5. So many pills/tablets haha

    Won't matter though Id split them up due to just the amount of things you have to take. The only thing would be the AA in it is nice to have preworkout though the dose looks a little low to me.
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