1st Halodrol run

  1. 1st Halodrol run

    I am 35 and have been working out for years. Never ran a ph before, and would like to start with LGI Halo 25 and follow with LGI Rehab (open to all suggestions for PCT and on-cycle support).
    I am currently stacking DS Activate Xtreme 2 caps 2x per day/Triazole 1 cap 3x per day/DAA 3g per day.
    When I finish my DS/DAA stack how long must I wait to run LGI Halo 25 or can I jump right into it?
    Should I run my DS/DAA stack 4 weeks or 8?
    Never posted or asked questions before bc I have seen so many people give rude or sarcastic responses to others, pls I am open to all advice without the sarcasm.

  2. With h-drol most people will use a serm for pct.
    I'm no doctor but I wouldn't run it without a serm for pct.

    Most ph require a serm, even h drol and epi, which are considered mild.

    Finaflex 1 andro and 1 alpha are 2 of the few who can be run with an otc pct. These coukd be better options if you can't get a serm.

    Good luck bro, feel free to ask.

  3. Clomed for PCT?
    Any need to wait a period if time after Activate Xtreme/Triazole/Daa?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mbarton View Post
    Clomed for PCT?
    Any need to wait a period if time after Activate Xtreme/Triazole/Daa?
    Clomid is a favorite to most. I personally like it better than Nolva.

    I'm not to familiar with triazole and activate extreme. Not sure what's in them.

    Daa shouldn't really be a problem, but to be safe , you can always take the time off as long as the time you were on.

  5. CEL Cycle Assist is a great product on cycle (I would preload for a week or so) and I would opt for a more comprehensive PCT, such as Nolva or Clomid alongside other PCT essentials. LGI Rehab is a good product.

    If you want more input, I suggest re-posting this in the anabolic section
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  6. i suggest you dont take a PH. and try the real thing. do your research.


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