I've ran leviathan/DCP, ECA stack, recreate, and some other various stacks in my time. I'm 27 and just getting back into fitness after going through a severe back injury, so its been ~3-4 years since I've done any of this. I'm now fat and out of shape at 5' 11" 234lbs. My goal is to hit 190lb before starting strong lifts 5x5. I plan on doing lots of hiking and various free weight lifts to get my fitness level up a bit and lose any easy starting weight before diving into this stack. I figure it's a waste to start now because for the first month of busting my ass the weight will fall off anyways.

My diet is already pretty clean, I already eat a low cal diet ~1600cal with lots of veggies and protein just naturally. The cal is so low because I live a very sedentary life style. I work in graphic design, an engineering dept dealing with small electronics, and am a student. I'm on my ass 10+ hours a day because I often take my work home with me and have lots of school work.

I'm planning to take the O.G. Oxyelite Pro, O.G. Genomyx DCP, and TT-33 stacked after the break in month passes.

  • 7am ~30 mins before eating - 2 OEP, 2 DCP, 2 tt-33
  • 1pm ~30 mins before eating - 1 OEP, 2 DCP
  • 3pm ~30 mins before eating - 2 TT-33

Now I think this is a pretty standard dosage, but I am open for feedback. I figure I will ease into the OEP over a couple days to get used to the DMAA again.

Here is where I could use some help. I have already purchased enough of each product for 3 months continuous, but don't worry I don't plan to run it like that. Now I do remember developing a rather fast tolerance to stimulants in the past. Not sure if its just psychological, but after a month I barely felt anything.

I know OEP recommends 8 weeks on/ 4 weeks off, but has anyone broke this up as 4 weeks on/ 2 weeks off? Does it have a ramp up where I need to build up doses before its effective? Is 2 weeks off after 4 weeks enough to kill the tolerance?

What about DCP or TT-33? Will I be wasting either product by only doing 4 week cycles?

If I took the entire stack of OEP, DCP, and TT-33 in a 4 week on/ 2 week off until I ran out of the 3 month supply would it be an issue?

After I get through this first month break-in I will be making a detailed log of my results when I start the stack.

I've been out of the game for a long while and would really appreciate if any of you bros could give me feedback and share your opinion about my plans. I'm all ears.