NAC and the odor

  1. NAC and the odor

    So I was listening to one of the SHR podcasts and it was about NAC, specifically I believe sponsored by PharmaNAC. An effervescent version. I could be wrong, but he basically said if NAC smells like sulfur, it is oxidized already, and therefore should not be used for supplementation. Any truth to this or is he simply trying to push his product?

  2. Pretty sure that's wrong, i think it's supposed to smell like death. But that was something i read years ago and haven't looked in to since. It's worth checking in to.

  3. mine smells like shiat!! When nac is used in the hospital to prevent renal toxicity with dye based injection proceedures, it comes in a liquid form, and smells like shiat to.

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  4. All the ones I used smelled like death.
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  5. Yes horrid stench!
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  6. Its sour though!
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  7. I always thought it smelt like feline urine

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  8. Best time to take NAC?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by burpees View Post
    Best time to take NAC?
    When its capsulated.
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  10. Pretty sure NAC is going to smell regardless of form due to the thiol group in Cysteine.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by tyga tyga View Post

    When its capsulated.
    Time not type


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