Jacked3d Advanced Released today!

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  1. Jacked3d Advanced Released today!

    Hey did any of you get the email from Usp Labs?. The new Jack3d Advanced is out today. It's $19.99 with free shipping!. I would order a bottle to try but I just moved and barely have enough money to live on for the next week or two. I will have to wait for another sale, but if you guys have the money you should try a bottle. It looks pretty good and Usp Labs never disappoints. Excellent write up on this stuff too!. Very clear and good information on creatine!.

  2. So what does everyone think of this product?

  3. nevermind
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  4. Recycling a post:

    Hm...on a positive light: Way superior to its predecessor which was something I did not enjoy after the 2 tub hehe. I think I could give this one a chance...not a fan of creatine pre-workout but it is DEFINITELY a big improvement from the past version. Micro is still better imho.
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  5. I like the creatine anhydrous very much. Great deal too!

  6. I think ill stick with micro. Not a huge fan of yohimbe pre workout plus they got rid of agmatine sulfate.

  7. It looks like everything is pretty under dosed based on the mg content.
    I want to try it still, but I'd rather not spend $20 on it.
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  8. I can't say that I was overly impressed with this one. I prefer the micro formula, although I will probably try it eventually.

    Looks like a 2-2+ scoop product just based on the prop blend.

  9. Almost pulled the trigger but I have way too many pwo's laying around right now collecting dust.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    Almost pulled the trigger but I have way too many pwo's laying around right now collecting dust.
    Strong this as well. I have a buttload of preworkouts.

  11. Knowing usp labs, I would think they would have a giveaway so people could try it. Or maybe just some sample packs. I don't doubt the generosity of them judging by their past. To be honest, I have not seen any other company as generous as they have been on the forums.

  12. I would expect one fairly soon

  13. Still $19.99 plus free shipping is a hell of a deal...I had/have other expenses though.

  14. Kinda sucks having to pay an excise tax and re-register your vehicle yearly...It should be every two years or something...Yep I'm a complainer!.

  15. My bitching can keep people entertained for hours though!

  16. I've got a roof on my head, clothes on my back and food in the fridge. So life is good anyway and I just complain too much about nothing.

  17. Similar to Enhanced.

  18. Crump

  19. it looks like chit. will not buy

  20. Usp labs has always been a good product. I still have 4 tubs of the original and my local gnc has 6 left and won't be getting anymore. Thanks FDA. But this stuff looks like their starting to slow down a bit on quality. Under dosing and riding the coat tails of jack3d and test powder along with the others that made them who they are. I hope this isn't going to be a trend. But some ore workouts work for some and not others. Jekyll and Hyde is way too strong for me but pump had is too weak. Just gotta find the right medium and switch up brands and cycle off. Also don't be dependent on a pwo.

  21. ^^^^Lonely @tbone

  22. Bump for more opinions on this stuff.

  23. I think Jacob is sending Tbone free product for all the love lol.
    I can haz?
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle


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