Forma Stanzol with Letro and Prami

  1. Forma Stanzol with Letro and Prami

    Hey guys,

    I have some gyno from my last cycle. It seems to be mostly water behind my puffy nipples.. I have had gyno before and it has come and gone. I tried using Forma Stanzol to see if it will kill it as I have heard great things- Especially being that it helps with Estro gyno/sides prolactin gyno/sides. I am almost three weeks in and started at 6 pumps a day and now at 8 pumps, working towards 10. I have not noticed any improvement with gyno, puffinees, water retention, etc. Would it be okay to drop the dose to 3-5 pumps a day to while I ween of the Forma Stanzol and do a typical Letro/Prami gyno protocol?

    Other supps
    Alpha Protocol- DAA/ Fenugreek/ Lj100
    T-Force- Fadogia Agrestis



  2. Tamoxifen 20mg daily until it subsides.

  3. Are you 3 weeks into PCT or did you just start the Forma Stanzol 3 weeks ago?

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  4. I ended my cycle of 5 weeks ago. My PCT was clomid, and 6oxo with a natty test booster. I recoved well after my last cycle with this PCT. I felt the 6oxo wasnt doing what it should, so I changed up my PCT to basically what HCGENERATE is without buying hcgnerate and included Forma Stanzol to finish up pct with hopes of it decreasing gyno/water retention etc.



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