Need help with my TestoPro Stack

  1. Need help with my TestoPro Stack

    Hey, guys I'm new to the forums. Real quick about me. I'm 21 years old 6'5, 226lbs. I've been seeing amazing results in my gains lately and really eager to boost the results naturally. Just wanted a little input on this cycle before I order the products.

    Thinking of running:
    Erase pro

    Overkill? Or will they be beneficial to lean muscle gain?

    Any helpful input would be highly appreciated :-D
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  2. Only thing about running them all together is, if you haven't used them before, you won't know how each product is affecting you, be it positive or negative. In that aspect it's best to run each solo the first time, or at least with a product you've already used and know. But if you really want to stack them all out of the gate, it should be a great stack. I don't think there's any redundancy (don't remember what Stoked consists of), so it all should go well together. You may consider starting with one or two products for two or three weeks, then introduce one more, run that for a few weeks, and so on. This will give you a nice, long cycle with plenty of product overlap.

  3. I would drop the Stoked. Erase Pro's AI properties will be more than enough.

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