Can i ever compete natural?

  1. Can i ever compete natural?

    Hey guys the title says it all, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Ive been working out for about 5 years total. ive developed quite a bit of mass being what i pretty much consider to be natural. i did however took a 2 week cycle of M-Drol during about a year and a half into my lifting career. i was foolish, i am young and now know the mistake a made taking the steroid and realize i can still get massive without drugs, and have been doing great. for the 3 some odd years ive been clean, is there anything left in my system? am i ever going to be able to compete in the inbf or wnbf? or will i forever be cursed cuz of my stupid 2 week mistake (with proper pct) as a young lad? like i said im 3/3.5 years clean. if i wanted to compete next summer would i be able to? or fail a drug test?

  2. Hey man similar situation to myself, I have messed around with prohormones but hope to compete naturally in the near future. I really wouldn't worry about it if it was three years ago, I believe most INBA/PNBA competitions only require that you be 3 years drug free and others require that you are 5 years drug free, however that is something that you would have to check on the web site of the organization you plan on competing in. I wouldn't be too worried about it because I know plenty of guys who have geared in the past and competed later on in a natural competition.

  3. Well man if you have genetics to get big naturally, then why not?! I know plenty of biiiig natty bodybuilders. Check out Layne Norton

  4. You won't fail a drug test and you should be able to compete. Just look at the regulations of the contest.

  5. ask the organization
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