I'm 28, and have problems with excess estrogen. I got a blood test and my estrodol is in the 200's, or at least it was before I started my current protocol. I'm taking 400mg of DIM a day, and 200mg of 100:1 tongkat Ali daily. Also taking a stim, alphamine.

My best friend owns a vitamin and nutrition store, and he's the one who originally pointed me towards the estrogen which has since been confirmed. He doesn't know too much about the body building supplements. I've been lurking around here, and posting what I can but I've been reading lots about erase pro.

Do you guys thing this addition would help? I'm getting results, but now that I know the problem I just want to fix it. If you think erase would be beneficial, should I keep taking the DIM? Or just erase? Also would this be helpful for my dad, who just got his blood levels back, is 50 and his estrogen is higher than his test. They put him on androgel, but no AI. Do you think for him it would be better to get an RX?

Any help would be appreciated.