Opinions on stack

  1. Opinions on stack

    On July 1st, I want to start a new stack. I will be doing hypertrophy workouts twice a week and a power workout once a week. In between I will be doing HIIT for fat loss and on the hypertrophy days separated by 10-14 hours I will be doing 20-24 minutes of hard cardio. Primary goal is fat loss with muscle maintenance.
    I have taken all of these supplements before, except the sustain alpha.
    Versa t1
    Alpha T2
    Sustain Alpha
    Creatine 3g
    Resveratrol (lower than normal amounts because of what is in Sustain Alpha)
    Orange Oxi
    Super Cissus
    Joint Force
    I also take a multi vitamin, vitamin e, and saw palmetto
    I am in tolerable condition, can bench about 1.3x weight, deadlift about 1.6x, and do dumbell squats at about 1.2x weight. Im 43 and want to drop about 4-6 inches off waist.
    I actually do maintain a decent workout schedule and diet, I just have been drinking which for whatever reason slows my metabolism. And yes, I am net negative in calories on a weekly basis including alcohol calories.
    I will be limiting my alcohol intake.
    Feedback is appreciated.
    Btw, I couldn't log in in Google Chrome for some reason.

  2. If your goal is to lean out, i would personally drop the TestForce and replace it with Erase Pro, it will raise your test and slim you up by dropping your estrogen. I would probably skip the Versa 1 and put that money towards a good Forskolin product as well you can get the SS Forskolin 95 cheap on Nutra. If lean is what you are looking for that is a great stack. The Testaforce would go well with the Erase Pro but I was just saving you money by dropping a few products.

  3. That is a lot of joint support products? Have you researched them? You could easily get by, with only one joint support product if you pick the right ones.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

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