Homemade GH/Test Boost Stack

  1. Homemade GH/Test Boost Stack - Need Some Advice Please

    Hey everybody,

    I was wondering if you can help me out. I'm buying bulk for my next test stack and was wondering if you can help me out. I've never played with GH enhancers or test boosters before. The most I've taken is citrulline malate, agmatine and creatine. Here goes:

    Increasing Test:
    PES Erase
    TongKat Ali Extract 200:1
    Beta Ecdysterone
    Magnesium Chelate

    Increasing GH: (will be taken before bed)
    Arginine Pyroglutamate w/ Lysine

    Beta Alanine

    Post Workout
    Universal Nutrition Real Gains
    OKG Powder
    Creatine AKG (easier on the stomach)

    I'll be following this for 8 weeks followed by 4 weeks of a cool of period. During that cool off period, I'll still be taking L-OptiZinc, Magnesium Chelate, and Resveratrol as well as Agmatine and at night I'll be taking MACA instead of the GABA and Arginine.

    So is this too much, or should I add anything else before I jump the gun? I also read that Agmatine can potentially make DAA toxic. I then read a post here debunking that, but I'm still cautious.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. In general I really wouldn't worry about GH boosting products. While they may be helpful from an increased recovery and improved sleep angle, they won't really be boosting GH in a notable way. There are also better options for that route IMO as well. I'd look for something with L-dopa/Mucuna Pruriens (and can also be helpful when combined with DAA).

    Second, while I like the selections of DAA, Tongkat, and Erase, if you have little experience with any then you may be better off choosing just one to run for now (how will you know what works if you throw all those in at once?). Choose 1 or 2 to add to your usual Citrulline, Creatine, and Agmatine and go from there.
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  3. the usual good stuff from bolt10

    you have a few inconsequential things in there, for what you are trying to accomplish..

    i'll agree on the concept of what an otc GH product does - in fact with that in mind we have created a blend called G8 that includes a couple of these things that have been mentioned (click link to see profile):

    Redefine Nutrition (FinaFlex) Finaflex G8 (20 servings): Discount Finaflex G8 Supplements

    welcome to the forum!

  4. Awesome. I think I'm going to run with Erase, DAA and L-Dopa (found 99% L Dopa Bulk Powder on amazon) since it seems the most potent. I'll cut out the Arginine before bed and stick to GABA.

    Is it better to separately buy magnesium and zinc and take them in the morning rather than take ZMA at night?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by The Engineer View Post
    Is it better to separately buy magnesium and zinc and take them in the morning rather than take ZMA at night?
    prolly stick with zma
    if you are taking a multivite/mineral w/ breakfast, chances are you are covered on the morning mineral dose, to some extent

    in the grand scheme of things, unless you are deficient in mineral like zinc or an overly active person, this will not do anything special for you other than perhaps enhance quality of sleep slightly

  6. I'd drop the Beta Ecdy. Maybe pick up some Anabeta or ABE instead. Solid test boost.

    For GH, as bolt said, nothing is truly going to raise GH significantly. But an L-Dopa extract before bed can definitely improve sleep quality hence natural GH levels. I really like Dopadex. I haven't found a higher L Dopa extract.


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