PES enhanced dose

  1. PES enhanced dose

    Hi guys. i got a tub of enhanced yesterday, i wasnt sure about the dose but i took 1.5 scoop as thats what i was taking with craze last time i was using pre workouts, i felt good at the start but energy died out fairly quick i dont know felt weird like dirty energy kind of jittery. i got fairly nice pump training chest though, should i take 2 scoops for when i take it on thursday for arms?

  2. bump pls respond

  3. This is a forum, you have to allow more than 10 minutes for a response.

    Did you dose it on an empty stomach?
    PEScience Representative

  4. ^ yes, accept i also took peak 400 which dose have maltodextrin in it, so im wondering if an insulin spike may have affected it

    after reading the reviews over on i was skeptical trying this

  5. Maltodextrin would mitigate the effects of nPYE as yohimbe needs to be taken on an empty stomach.

    Try it solo and let us know how you get on.
    PEScience Representative

  6. alright sounds good should i go with 2 scoops or?

  7. Not until you have assessed tolerance on an empty stomach, no.

    nPYE is very strong. It is our custom extract so anyone who mocked the stimulant aspect of the formula on just seeing the profile was doing it from an uninformed standpoint.
    PEScience Representative

  8. As Ben said, take 1.5 scoops again, but this time without the malto. Do it on a completely empty stomach. The energy I get from 1.5 scoops is very clean.

  9. ok. i tried it again today i took 2.5 scoop, this time on empty stomach nothing else. energy was dirty concentration didnt come on till half way during workout, feel very jittery did not enjoy this in terms of focus, as for energy it was very mild made me somewhat anxious, but as for pumps i give it a 9/10 very good pump similar to what i get from jack3d mirco and the best workouts from that i only ever took 1.5 or less, i dont know why but comparing the times ive used that to this i would rate that much higher because it gives just as good pumps but, the energy from that was much more controlled and intense made me a machine. this however i just didnt get that spark.. overall i am very dissapointed i feel i have bought into the hype. but i also got alphamine which i took yesterday, now that is much better lol in terms of energy and alertness.

  10. Why would you take 2.5 scoops?

    I have a huge stimulant tolerance and still only use 2 scoops. It is no wonder you felt jittery!

    Please don't exceed label instructions.
    PEScience Representative

  11. i wanted to see the effects on a higher dose. im going to try 1.5 again and then maybe just 2 at (once) since i took 1.7 then another half today another time/ finish the tub and see if anything changes. im also cutting, so i had 1 scoop of alphamine in the morning so not sure if that could have made it less effective. since i have been using allot of caffine this week i dont think i can fully say im done with it, because the first time i took it, w malto i had been on a stim break for 2 weeks, and i could deffinaetly feel it working well until it died quickly

  12. This is a very random dosing structure lol.

    Keep it systematic so you definitely know how 1.5 and 2 scoops feel. If you are stacking it or adding additional half scoops then it makes you less certain on how each dose effected you.

    Keep us updated.
    PEScience Representative

  13. will do! i have to say im certian i will have a better exp when im not cutting and taking other caffine sources, (alphamine,craze) its proberblly because ive used it already once this week along with craze, and also taking alphamine each day, 1-2 scoops. i usually only use pre workout twice a week when im on, but mini cutting i said f it lol. so next week (back to lean bulk) i try the smaller dose for arm day again i think after my next stim break it will be more potent

  14. ive been reading some reviews so i think i want to try 1.2 scoop on shoulders this sat, i want to see how i respond to a lower dose, because somtimes less is more for me lol i think this is very true since the same thing happend to me with craze, taking 2 scoops didnt feel it, took 1.5 and went insane

  15. Good luck with it. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me or one of the other reps.

    PEScience Representative


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