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    Hey guys I just saw this back in stock at $60. Please tell me the price will be dropping. I've used it before and loved it, however the price back then was ~$40. I can't justify paying 50% more for the same product and serving size. Especially when I can basically buy 2 tubs of Intrabolic or Compete for the same price. I can understand a small premium for the Peptopro, maybe $5-10 but no more than that. Will there be a sale/special soon?

  2. I bought bulk pepto and add a little to my compete for some extra.

    Strive is good and complex though, not sure what the final price will be.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. 60 bucks?? I got some yesterday for 32$

  4. I'm sure the price just hasn't been adjusted. Omega's Strive is an awesome product.

  5. I was shocked at the price, too. It is a great product, though.



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