Return policy at ***

  1. Return policy at ***

    So I bought a tub of driven sports craze at *** last week and I used it like once or twice and I hated it because the grape flavor tasted horrible almost like cough medicine and I want to return it bought I can't find the receipt anywhere and I paid with cash... my question is well they take it back and give me a store credit if don't have a receipt? Thanks

  2. Not without a receipt . If its the company brand they will without it but it won't help you . Mix some Hemavol lemon with it.
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  3. Did you buy it with a gold card? If you did they can look you up with your purchase history, if they tell you they can't do it they are lying to you

  4. He's i did buy it with a gol

  5. Yes I did buy it with a gold card

  6. Why start two different threads about the same thing?
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  7. Then you have 30 days to return it from the day you purchased it... All your history is on the GC and you're entitled to everything you paid


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