I have been running the following EC stack for 6 weeks and would like some advice on whether people think it is safe to up the dose of both or either. I have hit a plateau with my weight loss and trying to get down another 10lbs currently @ 205lbs w/ 17% BF and 6ft height. I have also been thinking about using albuterol but hesitant since I am not good at monitoring heart rate/bp particularly when playing sports. I have the equipment to do it just don't.

Ephedrine HCL 3 times a day 16/8/8 mg

Caffiene Pills 3 times a day 200/200/200

Additional Details:
Paleo Diet (Mainly meats and fruit, veggies probably 1/day, cashews every other week) with 1 day a week cheat
(I don't track calories)
SAN LIPIDEX (CLA, Omega 3,6)
Epistane 40mg divided into four doses with : CEL Cycle Support and Myogenix Liver Aid but no AI