trouble with noots

  1. trouble with noots

    I've tried both aniracetam and alcar, and both of them had the opposite effect of what i was hoping for. I couldn't process thoughts, and they made me anxious. I had really high hopes for both of these, but apparently my body chemistry isn't cut out for these substances. Has anyone else had these types of issues with noots? I do take phenibut and sometimes 5htp with no problem, but they're more for getting into that relaxed state, and they work pretty well. I was really looking for a mental edge from the aniracetam and alcar, but like I said, they had me feeling confused and unable to think straight.

  2. It's a tricky thing to dial in. It's taken me forever to find a piracetam/choline dose that works. I would start with a very low dose for awhile and work slowly upwards if it is treating you OK. If not, well, no supp is for everyone.

  3. Antaeus Labs Demiurge made me feel anxious like that. It made me feel like I was about to pass out or I just got hit in the head for about 15 minutes straight and then that went away and I felt absolutely nothing. I was so nervous and jittery, it was an awful experience. Never again.

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