Erase + Clen?

  1. Question Erase + Clen?


    I was still shut down following a PCT, so I took Erase which rather quickly returned me to normal. I'm about 2 weeks into taking erase 3 caps per day, and I am back 100%. I was planning on taking it for 30 days (the entire bottle) and would just assume continue except I've begun taking clen today and don't know if I can continue to take erase with clen. Might the erase help with my cut, or might it interfere with the clen? Should I stop the erase cause I'm no longer shut-down and keep the rest for a future PCT, or stick with it?

    Thank you.

  2. Erase + clen would be good to go. Erase will aid in fatloss plus may help prevent muscle loss while dieting.

  3. Great! Thank you. I posted another question about ketosis while taking clen over in the nutrition forum if you or anyone else knows about that - I'd appreciate you jumping over there.

  4. This is an interesting thread i was thinking exactly the same, just for a cut though not post cycle. Was going to through in DAA to but not sure if that will put more strain on my heart haha

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