Blood work results

  1. Blood work results

    Thought I'd post some data if anyone is interested. One month ago I started taking:
    1.5 g DAA + 2 Testopro + 1 Erase at night - essentially half daily doses of each.

    My total testosterone one month ago was 412. Labs from the other day show it is 584 and my estradiol was fine at 26. Kidneys and liver were fine as well.

    Definite overall improvement in mood, energy, and libido.

    For reference, I'm 38 and 6', 165lb.

  2. I'm definitely interested man! Thank you for the feedback!
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  3. Were the testosterone draws at the same time of day? You can get 20-30% variance between an AM and PM draw.
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  4. Should've taken daa at 3g, that's where all the studies were done at. But interesting results.

  5. why were you half dosing?

    things like daa, at1.5gm might do exactly nothing

  6. Quote Originally Posted by steam View Post
    why were you half dosing?

    things like daa, at1.5gm might do exactly nothing
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  7. No pre Estradiol?


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