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  1. ok,i have been taking 6-8g organic certified Maca for a while now,guess im still waiting for it to kick in,or my Libido would be even lower without it.

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    im 33. the dr. will send me to a specialist on andrology and they will check everything that can be ralated to loss of libido including testosteron,encyms,prolactin etc.
    meanwhile i got some Cialis.
    But honestly it could be related to too much pornstyle quickies and a psychological press to perform. i will try to lay low for a while and focus on something else

    Has anybody else stayed on for exemple Daa for too long and experienced things like sore nipples?
    if its because of estro then Erase would help,and if its because of Prolactin then Mucuna pruriens would help. But none of it helps.

    Worth mentioning is that i got a vasectomy done for about 2 years ago. This can have something to do with low test levels according to some reports.

    thanks for your responses!!
    Who would stay on DAA for a year??!!



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