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    What you have here is a product that does not contain what it says on the label. There is no such thing as 95% divanil. Furthermore, 100mg racemic NMA PLUS sarcosine is quite unsafe, neurologically.
    Wow it got so many good reviews. What's racemic NMA ? I thought transform was a solid company. Thanks for the heads up anyway. I do have other supplements. I have SNS bulbine...bridge..tcf1 from primordial performance..test infusion

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    Body Octane, Swoll-N, High Volume looks sick too. You could be a nut and stack some of the above to "fill in" ingredient profiles too.
    Those are my top four non stims!
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    And pro tip: Never use something that contains Icariins. Unlike icariin, icariins are estrogenic



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