Halo XT question

  1. Halo XT question

    I've run hdrol clones a few times before, and this specific compound once prior. I am thinking about runnning Halo XT at 75/75/75/100/100. My question is does it matter to not start out running it at 50 for at least a week , seeing that i have run the compound before I am not worried about any negative reactions but I am a little nervous about not easing into the cycle. Just curious if anyone has any feedback.

    My support supps are:


    Cycle Assist
    Fish Oil

    Cycle Assist
    Fish Oil
    Organ Shield

    Erase 0/0/3/3/2/2
    Cycle Assist
    Animal Stak

  2. There is an anabolic forum here at AM. Your question should go there.

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