Can i take TT-33 after being on EPH25 ?

  1. Can i take TT-33 after being on EPH25 ?

    Hi all

    I have been on EPH25+ fatburners for 5-6 weeks my diet consists of eating salads,Veg,Meat,Fruit i go to the gym 5-6 times a week and do around 1 Hour of cardio and i also swim for 30 mins. I have lost 2 stone in the last 6 weeks and i have gone from 13.5 stone to 11.5 stone. I am at the stage now where i seem to be struggling to shift the last tiny bit of fat on my belly i only lost a pound or two this week and cant see any noticeable difference on my stomach

    Is it safe for me to stop taking the EPH's and move to Iforce TT-33's and stay on these for a month ? in the Past i have had great success with these as they seem to melt the fat away which is what i am after. The main reason i used the EPH's was to suppress my appetite which it has done but they don't seem to have any effect any longer (I take 1 a day)

  2. I am on my phone cant look this other supplement up. Tt33 i love, always find it extremely effective. Is this other one you mention a thyroidal based supplement?
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  3. Hi Thanks for the reply EPH25+ is just a ECA stack Epherdrine , Caffeine , Aspirin so no it is not tyroidal its just a Stim/Fat burner

  4. yup absolutely. you can even stack the 2
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