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So there I am, on line at the CVS ive been goin to for years to pick up my scripts & there I see it, a box of Primatene on the shelf & next to it is the Bronkaid!!! So I go to the drug isle & grab the card that says to bring it to the pharmacy register for purchase. My 1st thought is that there's some new geek behind the register & this is the perfect time, especially since im in a tank-top with my jacked arms exposed, gave him my id, & paid the $15 bucks. So what did I get for double the price of the Primatene, 60 caps with 25mgs of Ephedrine & 400mgs of Guaifenesin!!! Holy **** it must be my birthday cause now im gonna run an ECA stack WITH a single dose of Oxy & Alphas new formulas, so prepare for some new updates!!!
Some nice results are in your near future my man!